To see and to do

Let Nikos and Marina direct you on a tour of some tiny, seldom-visited mountain village, or put you on one of the many paths and mountain trails for an afternoon of walking through the incomparable scenery of this area. Take a bicycle, and find yourself a little restaurant for a lunch you will thoroughly deserve.

 Here are just some of the possibilities:

  • Take a stroll down to the river where the Arachtos flows swift under the elegant stone arch of Plaka Bridge, the largest single-span bridge in the Balkans. The whites of 20,000 eggs were used in the mortar of this bridge, the second attempt at spanning the Arachthos. (The first bridge collapsed as soon as the supports were removed!)
  • Walk between to the traditional high mountain villages of Sirako and Kalarites along the ancient donkey trail, then relax in a cafe.
  • Visit the impressive waterfalls near the villages of Matsuki and Kataraktes and take in the beautiful scenery. 
  • Find a village square shaded by a venerable plane tree, nod to the old men there, sip wine, eat, watch a falcon soar.
  • Experience the imposing monasteries of Kipina and Viliza, and of course the religious centre of the whole area, the monastery of Tsouka, which dates back to the 11 th century, a living remnant of culture and history. 
  • Gain a sense of the passing of time at the ancient Greek tombs (5 th century B.C.) and Kastri, on the Kalentzi plateau. 
  • At the chapel of the prophet Helias in Kostitsi village there is a panoramic view of the confluence of the rivers Aracthos and Kalaritikos, deep in their canyon.
  • Walk down to the underground river of Klifki.
  • Downhill mountain bike from the highest villages in the Tzoumerka back to Hotel Teloneio.
  • Raft the Arachtos gorge and canyon with its beautiful waterfalls and springs. A fun and spectacular activity for all.
  • Canyon one of the many spectacular canyons in the area with an experienced guide.
  • Visit a working water-mill and public washing machine, see real rural farm activities being carried out in ways both traditional and modern.

Via Natura. If you crave outdoor activity, at any level from easy through energetic and challenging, join Nikos and his friendly and professional team from Via Natura in an activity tailored to your interests, fitness, enthusiasms, and age.

 Rafting, on rivers from scenic flat water to challenging white water, is a marvellous summer activity, combining adventure and fun with the chance to see places that can be visited in no other way. Try canyoning, venturing into the cool, mossy depths of waterfall-laced wonderlands, wearing wetsuits and helmets, and, in the more difficult canyons,  rappelling (abseil) down the waterfalls.  Climbing, archery and horse riding are offered, and you can opt to take a guided or independent mountain-biking trip on roads or trails ranging from gentle to challenging.

Those at Hotel Teloneio are proud to share the Tzoumerka, their home and their passion, with friends and guests from around the world.